PGCEE MDS 2022: Degree of color saturation is called:

# Degree of color saturation is called:
A. Hue
B. Value
C. Chroma
D. Translucency

The correct answer is C. Chroma.

Hue is the specific color produced by a specific wavelength of light. It describes the dominant color of an object, for example, red, green, or blue.

Value (Brilliance) is the lightness or darkness of an object. Lighter-shaded objects are with the highest value and dark-shaded objects are with a lower value.

Saturation (Chroma) is the amount of color per unit area of an object. Chroma represents the degree of saturation of a particular hue. For example, some teeth appear more yellow than others.

Translucency is the property of an object that permits the passage of light through it but does not give any distinguishable image.

Metamerism: Objects that appear to be color matched under one type of light may appear different
under another light source. This phenomenon is called metamerism.

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