PGCEE MDS 2022: Hesitation cuts are seen in a case of:

 # Hesitation cuts are seen in a case of:
A. Homicide 
B. Suicide
C. Accident 
D. Fall from height

The correct answer is B. Suicide.

Hesitation cuts/marks or tentative cuts or trial wounds: These cuts are multiple, small, and superficial often involving only the skin, and are seen at the beginning of the incised wound, presumably hesitating while gaining the courage to make a final decisive cut.

- A person who commits suicide exposes his body by opening his clothes and then inflicts the wounds.

- When a safety razor blade is used, unintentional cuts are found on the fingers where the blade has been gripped.

- Most people have a vague knowledge of anatomy and do not know where to cut a major blood vessel, and may cut their forearms vertically, rather than horizontally.

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