PGCEE MDS 2022: Gubernacular canal guides the eruption of:

 # Gubernacular canal guides the eruption of:
a) Primary teeth 
b) Permanent teeth
c) First molar
d) Third molar

The correct answer is B. Permanent teeth. 

Actually the correct answer is Succedaneous teeth. Because, not all permanent teeth have a gubernacular canal. The gubernacular canal and cord help in guiding the permanent teeth during the process of eruption. Except molars, all the permanent teeth (incisors, canines, and premolars) are known as succedaneous teeth because they take the place of their primary predecessors.

Permanent molars are not succedaneous teeth, as they develop from the distal extension of the dental lamina. Successional lamina, which is present on the lingual side of primary dental lamina, is absent for permanent molars.

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