Mallampati Classification : PGCEE MDS 2022

 # If base of uvula and soft palate are visualized on maximal mouth opening it is referred to as Mallampati  classification:
A. Class I
B. Class II
C. Class III
D. Class IV

The correct answer is C. Class III.

Visualization of the amount of posterior pharynx is important and correlates with the difficulty of intubation. Visualization of the pharynx can be obscured by the tongue, which also interferes with visualization of the larynx on laryngoscopy. 

The Mallampati classification is based on the structures visualized with maximal mouth opening and tongue protrusion in a sitting position.
Class I: Soft palate, fauces, uvula, and pillars are visualized
Class II: Soft palate, fauces, and a portion of uvula are visualized
Class III: Soft palate, the base of the uvula is visualized.
Class IV: Only the hard palate is visualized

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