Forensic Medicine MCQs - Identification

# A boy has 20 permanent teeth and 8 temporary teeth. His age is likely to be :
A. 9 years
B. 10 years
C. 11 years
D. 12 years

# Karyotyping of foetus can be done from all of the folowing EXCEPT :
A. Lymphocyte
B. Monocyte
C. Amniocyte
D. Fibroblast

# Best method for identification of a person is :
A. Dactylography
B. Anthropometry
C. Personal appearance after death
D. Color change of hair

# Chromosomal defect is a feature amongst all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Intersex
B. Concealed Sex
C. Pseudo-Hermaphrodite
D. True Hermaphrodite

# X ray of which of the following region is useful for the determination of age below 16 years of age?
A. Lower end of femur
B. Lower end of humerus
C. Upper end of humerus
D. Upper end of tibia

# All of the following are features of female pelvis which distinguish it from male pelvis EXCEPT:
A. Sub pubic angle 80 degree or more
B. Wider greater sciatic notch
C. Anterior part of iliac crest turned inwards
D. Sacrum is short and wide

# The center of ossification of which one of the following is used as a medicolegal evidence for fetal viability ?
A. Head of the femur
B. Distal end of femur
C. Greater trochanter
D. Lesser trochanter

# Sex can be established by examination of hair root cells for the presence of :
A. Davidson body
B. Barr body
C. Golgi body
D. Medullary index

# Feature of human hair are all EXCEPT:
A. Cuticular spaces are short and flattened
B. Medulla is continuous and wide
C. Cortex is thick and medulla is one third of shaft diameter
D. Pigment in medulla is light and broken

# Skull of a male differs from that of a female by all of the folowing EXCEPT:
A. capacity greater than 1500cc
B. Muscular markings over occiput are less marked
C. Orbits are square
D. Frontal eminence small

# For determination of sex, smear is takn from:
A. Buccal mucosa
B. Vagina
C. Skin
D. Nose
# Stack's test for age estimation based on teeth is done in:
A. Infants
B. Adults
C. 25-50 years
D. > 50 years

# Coronal suture completely fuses by the age of:
A. 20 years
B. 30 years
C. 40 years
D. 50 years

# Calcification in costochondral cartilage occurs at an age of :
A. 20-25
B. 35-50
C. 50-60
D. 70-80

# Preauricular sulcus is useful for:
A. Age determination
B. Sex determination
C. Race deterrmination
D. Mode of deatth

# Closure of all skull sutures indicate age more than :
A. 40 years
B. 50 years
C. 60 years
D. 70 years

# Most reliable method of identification of a person is by:
A. Anthropometry
B. DNA fingerprinting
C. Dactylography
D. Dentition

# Xiphoid process unites with sternum at the age of:
A. 25-30 years
B. 40 years
C. 16-24 years
D. 60 years

# A male clavicle differs from female clavicle by all EXCEPT:
A. Longer
B. Broader
C. Heavier
D. More curved

# Medial end of clavicle fuses at the age of:
A. 12 years
B. 14 years
C. 16-18 years
D. 18-22 years

# Attainment of 16 years of age is diagnosed on X ray of:
A. Knee
B. Elbow
C. Wrist
D. Ankle

# Age of 21 years is important medicolegally (in INDIA) in all EXCEPT:
A. to import a girl for sexual intercourse
B. Marriage contract in boys
C. If a person is under protection of court
D. To procure a girl for prostitution

# Single best criteria to distinguish the female from male pelvis is:
A. Shape of Obturator Foramen
B. Shape of ischial tuberosities
C. Shape of acetabulum
D. Shape of greater sciatic notch

# Male and female hair can be differentiated by that female hair has:
A. No medulla
B. No bulb
C. Is longer
D. Sex chromatin is positive

# Among the secondary changes in tooth, the most useful one for age determination is:
A. Attrition
B. Secondary dentin deposition
C. Root resorption
D. Root transparency

# Which of the following adult bone is most useful in determining sex ?
A. Skull
B. Femur
C. Clavicle
D. Pelvis

# Most specific and sensitive for identification is :
A. Anthropometry
B. Skull
C. Pelvis
D. Dactylography

# First permanent tooth to erupt is :
A. Molar
B. Premolar
C. Canine
D. Incisors
# Locard's exchange principle is for:
A. Detecting poisoning
B. Estimating the age
C. Finding out time since death
D. Detecting crime

# Height of the body can be deduced from the length of humerus by following equation:
A. Humerus is 10 percent of height
B. Humerus is 20 percent of height
C. Humerus is 30 percent of height
D. Humerus is 35 percent of height

# Ischiopubic index is used to determine:
A. Age
B. Sex
C. Race
D. Stature

# Test which confirms whether blood stain is from human origin is:
A. Magnus's test
B. Takayama test
C. Precipitin test
D. Teichmann's test

# All are tests done on blood except:
A. Acid phosphatase test
B. Benzidine test
C. Hemochromogen test
D. Teichmann's test

# Most useful sample for extraction of DNA for analysis during autopsy is taken from?
A. Liver
B. Brain
C. Spleen
D. Kidney

# Investigation of choice for blood grouping in old blood stain on the cloth is:
A. Precipitin test
B. Benzidine test
C. Acid elution test
D. Hemin crystal test

# Most specific test to detect blood stains is :
A. Benzidine test
B. Teichmann's test
C. Orthotoliudine test
D. Spectroscopic test

# Finger prints can be permanently altered by:
A. Eczema
B. Leprosy
C. Psorisasis
D. Scleroderma

# Tattoo marks, if destroyed, their presence can be inferred from the presence of pigment in:
A. Deep Dermis
B. Subcutaneous tissue
C. Regional lymph nodes
D. Skin of adjoining region

# Best bone to assess age between 20-50 years is:
A. Skull
B. Ribs
C. Sternum
D. Symphysis Pubis

# Sex determination from pelvis possible upto 95% accuracy from the following:
A. Greater sciatic notch
B. Obturator foramen
C. Subpubic notch
D. None

# Finger print Bureau was first established in:
A. England
B. China
C. India
D. United States

# Which of the following does not stand as an identification for male sex?
A. Oval Obturator foramen
B. V shaped Suboubic angle
C. Sternal index 54.3
D. Square chin

# Non nucleated biconcave RBC in blood stain indicates that the blood belongs to:
A. Camel
B. Amphibian
C. Human
D. Birds

# For identification, palato-prints are:
A. Taken from anterior part
B. Taken from posterior part
C. Useful only in children
D. Not useful at all

# Dry semen stains on clothes is identified by:
A. Spectroscopy
B. UV light
C. Infrared rays
D. Magnifying lens

# Corporo-basal index is used to determine:
A. Race
B. Sex
C. Age
D. Stature

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