MNEMONICS : Classification of Odontogenic Cysts

Mnemonics: Classification of Odontogenic Cysts by Etiology

Developmental Cysts :
- Odontogenic Keratocyst
- Glandular Odontogenic Cyst
- Gingival cyst of Newborn
- Gingival cyst of Adult
- Eruption Cyst
- Lateral periodontal cyst
- Calcifying odontogenic cyst
- Dentigerous cyst
 @  Doc, Is it  OK if a Glandular Gingival Eruption Later Calcified into Teeth ?

Inflammatory Cysts:
- Periapical Cyst
- Residual Cyst
- Paradental Cyst

@  Signs of Inflammation :
Pain – Periapical Cyst
Redness – Residual Cyst
Proliferation – Paradental Cyst

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