General Medicine and Allied Subjects - Annual Exam BDS 3rd year - 9th August 2017 BPKIHS

Group 'A'

General Medicine
1. List any four differences between bleeding disorders and clotting disorders. List any four causes of thrombocytopenia.  (4+1)

2. Write about the management of a newly diagnosed sputum culture positive case of Tuberculosis. (5)

3. List the cardiac lesions in Infective Endocarditis and write the antibiotic regimen for prophylaxis of Infective Endocarditis. (3+2)

4. Write about Measurement of Blood Pressure. (5)

5. List the Causes of Chronic Liver Disease. List the clinical manifestations of liver disease. (2+3)

6. List the diagnostic criteria of Diabetes Mellitus. State two acute complications of Diabetes Mellitus. (3+2)

1. What is adverse drug reaction ? List the criteria for diagnosis of Stevens Johnson's Syndrome and its management. (1+2+2)

1. State the ten steps of management of PEM.