Six Reasons Why You Should Do MDS After BDS

Well, the greatest dilemma freshly graduated Dental Surgeons face in their life that whether they should do MDS after BDS or not. They are disinclined to join MDS after completing BDS because all their vigor and enthusiasm is already exhausted by the rigorous five and a half year course of BDS. On the top of that, the seats in MDS are too few that it necessitates an excruciatingly painful toil to get through the competitive entrance exams and secure a seat.
If by hard toil and luck, they managed to secure the seat, there comes the harder question which subject should they choose from the horde of subjects : Oral Medicine and Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Pedodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontology and Oral Implantology, Oral Pathology, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics and Public Health Dentistry. Real life examples where MDS graduates are working as general dentists being underpaid reinforce their unwillingness to pursue MDS, even after knowing the fact that MDS is the highest academic degree in the field of dentistry and they can elevate themselves far higher than the ever growing crowd of only-BDS degree holders. Although there are many factors that provoke you not to do MDS and practice as a general dentist with pure BDS, I recommend you to do MDS whenever you feel you are ready for it, preferably as soon as possible. Here are the six reasons why you should do MDS after BDS.

1. MDS is the highest academic degree in the field of Dentistry

Yes, you can boast that you're an expert in your field after completing MDS, you're a master of the subject (even if you may not feel so in the first few years). Just like the air becomes thinner and thinner as you go up, the stairway to the realm of Dentistry is less crowded as you climb up. The crowd of your fellow graduates dramatically decreases and you can breathe more easily up there. Doesn't it sound nice?

2. You are more focused and can learn more without dissipating your time and energy

Instead of the 8 or 9 different subjects of General Dentistry, you could now be more focused on your preferred subject and reach the very core of it. It is just like the beam of sunlight when focused on a point is able to kindle a fire which couldn't do so if it were left dissipated.

3. You could be a Professor and engage more in Teaching - Learning rather than on Practicing Dentistry

After few years of practicing dentistry, you might develop physical problems like joint pain, backache, etc. and would like to avoid patients as much as you could. By having a MDS degree, you are creating yourself an alternative pathway where you can enjoy more academic teachings rather than treating patients. You will never retire in your old age too because being a Professor is not so demanding physically and can earn actively until the end of your life.

4. You could be the BOSS

If you are experienced enough and are adept in managerial skills, you could be the Head of the Department and even the Institute. Someone with only a BDS degree will not have that chance however much knowledgeable he is or whatever other qualities he has. You don't need to prove anything to anybody about your expertise, your degree will shout out loud for you.

5. Researches, Overseas Conferences, and Workshops

You could do research, organize workshops and seminars and broaden your knowledge. International conference visits will have double benefits of increasing your knowledge in your field as well as a different socio-cultural experience of the new place will make your life happier and more accomplished. And, the best part is you'll be sponsored by your employer (Company/Institute) or other pharmaceuticals for those knowledge-loaded vacations.

6. Money Money Money

A MDS graduate will always have more benefits than a BDS graduate. Opponents may debate you saying that it takes 3 years of extra study during which you could establish a well-running clinic in those three years and earn far more than the MDS graduate. But till when? We have rest of our lives ahead of us. We have to plan for the endgame, not the opening. What will stop the MDS graduate to establish such a clinic after that 3-year study? You'll definitely catch up with the earning you have sacrificed during your 3 year study time, you've got decades to compensate for that. Even if your salary is only slightly higher, that would amount much in the long run.

So, the best thing to do after BDS is to do MDS as soon as you can manage. Don't let the temptation of continuing a highly paid job instead of doing MDS or the fact that you couldn't marry earlier or the feeling of having less time for family let you stop pursuing your dream. Once you are into Dentistry, you must get through it via the rooftop, there's no way out. You can love Dentistry, you can hate Dentistry, but you cannot deny that it has refined you into a great human. Have a nice time...!! Happy Learning. :)