Seven Reasons Why You Should Marry A Dentist

For all those people who are never tired of making dentist jokes and laughing at them, they really need to know these seven reasons why they should marry a dentist. And dentists, well, they can pat on their backs for being such a desirable match. Here are the seven out of the hundreds of reasons to marry a dentist.

1. You'll never have to worry about your teeth and your lovely smile

The most obvious benefit of marrying a dentist, yet the first in this list is that you need not worry a bit about your perfect oro-facial appearance ever after that. You'll not only get routine dental check ups periodically, you'll get the privilege of having your oral cavity checked every single day. Get ready not to get annoyed by the keen observation of your dentist spouse who will notice not only the mildest of the lesions but also their ability in telling whether or not you brushed after your last meal. You'll get the most prompt dental treatment if any necessary only if you marry a dentist, that too, for free...!! You don't have to worry about the neck-breaking charges of dental treatments or spend months searching the internet to find the best insurance schemes that will cover your dental treatments. 

2. Dentists are hardworking 

Who doesn't like their spouse to be a hardworking and determined person? Smartest of the smartest people fail, talented people fail, anyone can fail in this era of cut-throat competition, but a hard working person never fails. Every time he falls down, he will rise again with a greater vigor and will never give up. And, a person who never gives up, never loses.

3. Personality

Everybody knows how hard it is to get into a dental school. Harder is to pass out of there. People respect dentists and want to emulate their characteristic traits because they symbolize knowledge, dedication, and service. And, being with such a personality for the rest of life will be definitely a sensible choice.

4. They rarely get bored or irritated

Having repeated their assignments numerous times before getting approved and having worked a number of times under pressure of limited time, they can handle a large amount of stress before having a nervous breakdown or getting irritated. Boredom ?? Don't ask what boredom is to someone who has spent hours by carving wax blocks to a tooth of specified dimensions with exact anatomical features and by bending wires to make a perfect circle that would lie flat on a plane. (ask your dentists / dental students friends to know what I am blabbering about). How wonderful will it be having such an amazing non-irritable, boredom-resistant super partner? 

5. Ahhh, those kisses free from repellent bad breaths

The scariest thing I have ever imagined is having a partner whose breath smells. Just imagine, how unromantic your love life will be if you are disinclined to even face your partner even a meter away because of halitosis? Dentists are very concerned about their own oral hygiene. Best hygiene habits and proper care will keep them free from any pathology causing a bad breath. Do you know what does that mean? You can kiss anytime, anywhere. Besides, they know the complete anatomy and physiology of your oral cavity, if that assures you. Is your naughty mind wondering what other body parts' anatomy do they know?

6. Dentists get paid better

Being classified as highly skilled manpower, dentists are offered a highly paid salary in any part of the world. Whatever idealism you believe, whichever part of the world you live, whatever age you are currently, by now you must have realized that in the real world, money matters, and it matters a lot. Even if you contest that dentists' salary is not so high, consider the actual pay per hour of their work. They do not have night duties and on-call duties except on emergencies. Considering this, they are actually highly paid. 

7. And the last but the best one, the one who didn't give up on Dentistry will never give up on you

Five and a half years of the undergraduate level of study and an additional three years of study will have made them weathered, matured, to face any of the difficulties in life. They won't give up easily on anything, let go of the doubts that they will give up on you. Ups and downs may come in your life but they will hold you so tightly and never let you go.

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