Legally dental records are the property of:

 # Legally dental records are the property of:
A. The patient
B. The dentist
C. The state
D. None of the above

The correct answer is B. The Dentist.

Dental radiographs should be kept indefinitely. The dental record must include documentation of informed consent and the exposure of radiographs (e.g., the number and type of films, the rationale for exposure and the interpretation). Legally, dental radiographs are the property of the dentist. Patients do,
however, have a right to reasonable access to the dental radiographs, which includes having a copy of the radiographs forwarded to another dentist.

Patients may refuse dental x-rays, however the dentist must decide whether an accurate diagnosis can be provided and whether treatment can provided.

*** No document can be signed by the patient that releases the dentist from liability.

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