Major salivary buffer is:

 # Major salivary buffer is:
A. Protein buffer
B. Carbonic acid and bicarbonate
C. Phosphate buffer
D. Albumin

The correct answer is B. Carbonic acid and bicarbonate.

The maintenance of the physiologic hydrogen ion concentration (pH) at the mucosal epithelial cell surface and the tooth surface is an important function of salivary buffers. The primary effect of these buffers has been studied in relationship to dental caries. In saliva, the most important salivary buffer is the bicarbonate– carbonic acid system. Saliva also contains coagulation factors (i.e., factors VIII, IX,
and X; plasma thromboplastin antecedent; and Hageman factor) that hasten blood coagulation and that protect wounds from bacterial invasion. An active fibrinolytic enzyme may also be present. 

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