Which of the following is not a sporicidal disinfectant?

 # Which of the following is not a sporicidal disinfectant?
A. Glutaraldehyde
B. Formaldehyde
C. Ethylene oxide
D. Benzalkonium chloride

The correct answer is D. Benzalkonium chloride.

Sporicidal agents are: 
E- Ethylene oxide
F- Formaldehyde
G- Glutaraldehyde
H- Halogens 

Benzalkonium chloride is quartenary ammonium antiseptic which is not sporicidal. Only aldehydes, halogens and ethylene oxide are sporicidal disinfectants. 

Formaldehyde is active against the amino group in the protein molecule. In aqueous solutions, it is marked bactericidal, sporicidal and virucidal. It is used to preserve anatomical specimens and for destroying anthrax spores in hair and wool. 10% formalin containing 0.5% sodium tetraborate is used to sterilize clean metal instruments. 

Glutaraldehyde has an action similar to that of formaldehyde. It is especially effective against the tubercle bacilli, fungi and viruses. 

Ethylene oxide is a colorless liquid with a boiling point of 10.7 degree centigrade and highly penetrating at normal temperature and pressure. Therefore, ethylene oxide can be used for sterilization of heat sensitive equipments like heart lung machine, respirators and dental equipment. 

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