Development of Maxilla

# Maxilla develops by:
a) Endochondral bone formation
b) Intra membranous bone formation
c) Cartilage replacement and intra membranous bone formation
d) Mostly cartilage replacement and a little by intra membranous

The correct answer is B. Intra membranous bone formation.

In endochondral type, the bone formation is preceded by formation of cartilaginous model, which is replaced by bone. Eg: Ethmoid bone, Hyoid, Incus, Stapes.

In intramembranous type, the formation of bone is not preceded by formation ot cartilaginous model. Instead bone is laid directly in a fibrous membrane. Eg: Maxilla, nasal bones, parietals, zygoma, vomer, lacrimal, zygomatic.

 Both intramembranous and endochondral ossification is seen in -occipital, temporal, sphenoid bones.


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