Granularity of oncocytes

# Granularity of oncocyte is due to:
a) Overabundance of golgi bodies
b) Overabundance of mitochondria
c) Deficiency of mitochondria
d) Deficiency of golgi bodies

The correct answer is B. Overabundance of mitochondria.

Oncocytoma is a rare benign salivary gland tumor composed of oncocytes with granular eosinophilic cytoplasm and a large number of atypical mitochondria. The name oncocytoma is derived from the resemblance of these tumor cells to apparently normal cells termed oncocytes found in salivary glands, respiratory tract, breast, thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary, testicle, fallopian tube, liver and stomach. Electron microscopic studies have shown that cytoplasm of oncocyte is choked with mitochondria.


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