Oral Drive Theory

# The oral drive theory to explain thumb sucking habit was given by:
a) Benjamin
b) Sears and wise
c) Sigmund Freud
d) Scheldon

The correct answer is B. Sears and Wise.

According to ORAL DRIVE THEORY OF SEARS AND WISE, prolonged suckling lead to thumb sucking.

BENJAMIN'S TH EORY states that thumb sucking arises from the rooting or placing reflex. Rooting reflex is the movement of infant's head and tongue towards an object touching his cheek. The rooting reflex disappears in normal infants around 7-8 months of age.

According to SIGMOND FREUDIAN THEORY, in the oral phase of psychologic development, the mouth is believed to be an oro-erotic zone. The child has the tendency to place fingers or any other object into the oral cavity.

ORAL GRATIFICATION THEORY BY SHELDON states that if a child is not satisfied with sucking during the feeding period it will persist as a symptom of an emotional disturbance by digit sucking.

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