Serum alkaline phosphate

# Serum alkaline phosphate is increased in all EXCEPT:
A. Paget's disease
B. Fibrous dysplasia
C. Osteomyelitis
D. Hyperparathyroidism

- In Paget's disease and hyperparathyroidism the level of Serum alkaline phosphate is elevated.

- In fibrous dysplasia, the levels are elevated initially.

- In Osteomyelitis, the level stays normal, so is the answer.

Oral manifestations of osteogenesis imperfecta
- large head size
- frontal bossing
- maxillary hypoplasia
- bulbous crowns of teeth with Dentinogenesis imperfecta and blue or brown translucence (opalescent teeth)
- Class III mal occlusion with anterior and posterior cross bite.
- Severe attrition of deciduous teeth
- Multiple impacted permanent teeth
- Excessive bruising tendency
- increased incidences of development of osteitis and osteomyelitis following extraction of teeth. 

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