Minimum amount of Taper

# What is minimum of amount of taper that should be maintained for an ideal tooth preparation?
a) 4 Degree
b) 5 Degree
c) 6 Degree
d) 12 Degree

The correct answer is D. 12 degrees.

Some important points on tapers:
• The relationship of one wall of preparation to the long axis of that preparation is the inclination of that wall. • Sum of the inclination of two opposing walls gives the taper of the preparation.
• Recommended taper is 3-12 degree. According to Schillinberg 6 degree is recommended.
• Minimum taper that is necessary to insure the absence of undercuts -12 degree.
• A taper or total convergence of 16 degrees has been proposed as being achievable clinically while still affording adequate retention. This probably an acceptable overall target. It can be as low as 10 degree on preparations of anterior teeth and as high as 22 degrees on molars.


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