Sturge Weber Syndrome

# Sturge Weber syndrome is characterized by all EXCEPT:
a) Exophytic oral hemangioma
b) Facial hematoma
c) Tramline calcification of dura on lateral cephalogram
d) Facial hemangioma

The correct answer is B. Facial hematoma.

Though the skin and oral lesions of hemangioma are most deforming and disfiguring, the CNS involvement often results in serious problems of epilepsy, hemiplegia, mental retardation and retinal changes. Sturge-weber syndrome is probably the most common of these malformations. It is characterized by angiomatosis of face, laptomeningeal angiomas, contralateral hemiplegia, massive gingival growths and asymmetric jaw growth. The patients are treated for many years with phenytoin.


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