CNS, MSK and Special Senses MCQs Part 4

31. Wallenberg degeneration is seen in:
Proximal cut end of nerve with cell body
Distal cut end of nerve without cell body
Both the free ends of the cut nerve
All are true

32. In cerebellar disease, all the statements are correct except:
The Romberg's sign is positive
there is adiadochokinesia
there is pendular knee jerk
there is involuntary tremor

33. Swallowing center is situated in:

34. Hyperkinetic syndromes such as chorea and athetosis are usually associated with pathological changes in:
Motor areas of cerebral cortex
Anterior hypothalamus
Pathways for recurrent collateral inhibition in the spinal cord
Basal ganglia complex

35. Gag reflex is mediated by the cranial nerve:

36. In the embryo, spinal cord extends upto the level of:
First lumbar vertebra
Fifth lumbar vertebra
Third sacral vertebra
Last coccygeal vertebra

37. Lateral part of middle cranial fossa and posterior cranial fossa are divided by:
Petrous temporal bone
Crista galli
Transverse groove
Sphenoid bone

38. Which of the following is not present on the internal surface of mandible?
Genial tubercle
Mylohyoid ridge
Mental foramen

39. Among these foramina present in the base of skull, the one most posteriorly present is:
Foramen spinosum
Foramen rotundum
Foramen lacerum
FOramen ovale

40. The palatine bone furnishes the link between:
Maxilla and the sphenoid bone
Sphenoid and the ethmoid bone
Sphenoid and the vomer
None of the above