MCQs on Oral Histology - Dentin Part 3

# Formula of hydroxyapatite crystal is :
A. Ca3(Po4)2.CaCO3
B. 3Ca3(Po4)2. Ca(OH)2
C. CaPo4. Ca(OH)2
D. None of the above

# The type of dentin that is formed prior to root completion is :
A. Inter tubular dentin
B. Peritubular dentin
C. Circumpulpal dentin
D. Secondary dentin

# Accentuated incremental lines in dentin due to disturbances in matrix and mineralisation process is:
A. Incremental lines of Retzius
B. Incremental lines of von Ebner
C. Contour lines of Owen
D. None of the above

# The pain transmission through dentin is :
A. Direct neural stimulation
B. Fluid or hydrodynamic theory
C. Transduction theory
D. All of the above

# Which of the following is correct ?
A. Reparative dentin is characterized by having fewer and more twisted tubules than normal dentin and may include odontoblasts
B. Dead tracts appear black in transmitted and white in reflected light
C. Sclerotic/transparent dentin appears transparent or light in transmitted light
D. All of the above

# First formed dental tissue :
A. Enamel
B. Dentin
C. Cementum
D. Bone

# Dentinal tubules are calcified in:
A. Sclerotic dentin
B. Secondary dentin
C. Primary dentin
D. Interglobular dentin

# Dentin formed throughout the life is:
A. Sclerotic dentin
B. Secondary dentin
C. Repartive dentin
D. All of the above

# Regarding teeth which statement is wrong ?
A. Enamel is harder than dentin
B. Enamel has no cells
C. Ameloblast secrete enamel and dentin
D. Odontoblast produce dentin

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