MCQs on Oral Histology - Development and Growth of Teeth Part 3

# High levels of albumin is present in:
A. Inner enamel epithelium
B. Outer enamel epithelium
C. Stellate reticulum
D. Stratum intermedium

# Nutrition for ameloblasts after the first layer of enamel is formed is:
A. Dental sac
B. Odontoblastic process
D. Dental Papilla

# Membrana preformativa is seen in:
A. Bell stage
B. Cap stage
C. Bud stage
D. Advanced bell stage

# Enamel pearls are found in:
A. Occlusal surface of premolars
B. Furcation areas of permanent molars
C. On the incisal edges of incisors
D. None of the above

# Which statement is correct ?
A. Enamel cannot form in absence of dentin
B. The formation of enamel and dentin are independent of each other
C. Enamel formation can occur in absence of dentin
D. None of the above

# Atypical or osteodentin is formed due to disturbance during :
A. Morphodifferentiation
B. Histodifferentiation
C. Apposition
D. Initiation

# Any insult to cells in apposition stage results in :
A. Hutchinson's incisor
B. Osteodentin formation
C. Enamel Hypoplasia
D. Anodontia

# Order of development of tooth germ is :
A. Bell-bud-cap
B. Cap-bell-bud
C. Bud-cap-bell
D. Bell-cap-bud

# Cementum formation is seen in:
A. After dentin formation
B. Before dentin formation
C. Both are formed at same time
D. None of the above

# Stellate reticulum is seen in :
A. Dental lamina
B. Enamel organ
C. Hertwig's root sheath
D. All of the above

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