MCQs on Oral Histology - Dentin Part 4

# S-Shape of dentinal tubule is due to:
A. Incremental deposition
B. Peritubular dentin
C. Crowding of odontoblasts
D. Due to excess amount of organic component

# The formation of which of the following does not represent normal physiological process of dentin formation?
A. Primary and secondary dentin
B. Secondary dentin and Circumpulpal dentin
C. Tertiary dentin and Sclerotic dentin
D. All of the above

# All of the following is true about dentinal tubules except:
A. Inner pulpal layer contains more dentinal tubules than outer dentin layer
B. The diameter of dentin tubules ranges from 5 to 7 micrometer
C. The diameter of dentinal tubule is more at pulpal layer than outer layer
D. The bonding is more difficult is more difficult on the inner layer of dentin compared to outer surface

# Fluid flow , in and out of the dentinal tubules is proportional to the tubule diameter by:
A. Third power of the diameter
B. Sixth power of the diameter
C. Square of the diameter
D. Fourth power of the diameter

# The average diameter of coronal dentinal tubules near the pulp is :
A. 0.2-0.5 microns
B. 2-3 microns
C. 0.2-0.3 microns
D. 7 microns

# In adult teeth , the type of dentin present underlying dentino-enamel junction is:
A. Predentin
B. Mantle dentin
C. Interglobular dentin
D. Tertiary dentin

# All are the factors governing dentin permeability except:
A. Smear layer
B. Fluid Convention
C. Length of Dentinal tubules
D. Diffusion coefficient

# The most accepted theory for dentin sensitivity is :
A. Transduction theory
B. Direct neural stimulation
C. Hydrodynamic theory
D. Hydrostatic theory

# Compared to intertubular dentin , peritubular dentin is characterized by which of the following ?
A. Greater stainability
B. Lesser content of the inorganic salts
C. Greater content of the inorganic salts
D. Greater content of large collagen fibers

# One of the following statement is unique about circumpulpal dentin :
A. Collagen fibers are oriented perpendicular to DEJ
B. Von Korff fibers are present
C. Contain Phosphophoryn
D. Requires matrix vesicle for mineralisation

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