MCQs on Dental Caries Part 4

# Chemico-parasitic theory of dental caries is proposed by :
A. G.V. Black
B. Miller
C. Gottlieb
D. Schwartz

# Which of the following organisms is found in deep carious lesions rather than in incipient lesions ?
A. Streptococci
B. Lactobacilli
C. Veillonella
D. Bacteroides

# Pioneer bacteria in dental caries are in:
A. Enamel
B. Dentin
C. Pulp
D. Cementum

# The most pronounced effect on the oral microflora of a reduction in rate of salivary flow is a :
A. Significant increase in number of oral bacteria
B. Shift towards more acidogenic microflora
C. Significant decrease in number of oral bacteria
D. shift towards more aerobic microflora

# Ammonia causes:
A. increase in plaque formation
B. increase in calculus formation
C. decrease in plaque formation
D. precipitation of salivary proteins

# Cavity formation in a tooth, due to dental caries is due to:
A. Destructive potential of Streptococcus mutans
B. Destructive potential of Lactobacillus acidophilus
C. Lateral spread of caries along DEJ and weakening of the outer covering enamel
D. Mastectomy force and unrelated to the extent of carious process

# Animals maintained in a germ free environment did not develop caries fed on a high carbohydrate diet is given by:
A. Gottlieb
B. Miller
C. Snyder
D. Orland and Fizgerald

# Which of the following factors in the Stephan's curve is related to the caries incidence and sugar intake ?
A. Physical form of sugar
B. Frequency of sugar intake
C. pH of plaque
D. Quantity of sugar intake

# Initiation of caries by Streptococcus mutans is by the production of the :
A. Dextranase and soluble dextran
B. Insoluble dextran and glycosyl transferase
C. Soluble dextran and glycosyl transferase
D. None of the above

# The attachment of Actinomyces species to the tooth surface is facilitated by:
A. Fimbriae
B. Cilia
C. Flagella
D. Pseudopodia

# Caries associated with pre-eruptive enamel hypoplasia:
A. Secondary caries
B. Chronic caries
C. Occult caries
D. Incipient caries

# Bacteria free zone of dentinal caries is :
A. Zone of decomposed dentin
B. Zone of bacterial invasion
C. Zone of decalcification
D. Zone of dentinal sclerosis

# The legend of worms, endogenous theories, chemical theories and parasitic theory are early theories explaining:
A. Dental caries
B. Gingivitis
C. Periodontitis
D. Osteomylitis