MCQs on Oral Histology - Dentin Part 2

# The dentin receptors are unique because:
A. They elicit pain to hot and cold
B. They elicit pain to touch and pressure
C. They elicit pain to chemicals
D. Elicit only pain as a response

# The main bulk of dentin is formed by :
A. Peritubular dentin
B. Mantle dentin
C. Inter tubular dentin
D. Predentin

# The zone of dentin most recently formed and uncalcified is known as:
A. Mantle dentin
B. Circumpulpal dentin
C. Predentin
D. Secondary dentin

# Inter globular dentin results due to:
A. Failure of coalescence of calcospherites
B. Fracture of the dentin
C. Artifact in light microscopy
D. Disturbance in dentinal tubules

# Dentinogenesis by odontoblasts first behins at :
A. Pulpal end
B. Cusp tip
C. Tooth bud stage
D. Cervical area

# Sclerotic dentin has following features :
A. Caries susceptible
B. Insensitive
C. Hypersensitive
D. Resistant to caries

# The microhardness of dentin is about:
A. 1/2 that of enmel
B. 1/7 that of enamel
C. 1/4 that of enamel
D. 1/5 that of enamel

# Shape of the crown and the size of the roots is determined by:
A. Pulp
B. Dentin
C. Enamel
D. Cementum

# Physically and chemically, the dentin is closely related to:
A. Bone
B. Acellular cementum
C. Enamel
D. None of the above

# Organic portion can be separated from the mineral by :
A. Incineration / Organic chelation
B. Decalcification
C. Devitrification
D. Combustion

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