MCQs on Oral Histology - Enamel Part 4

# Hertwig's root sheath is formed from:
A. Stratum intermedium
B. Stellate reticulum
C. Outer enamel epithelium
D. Cervical loop

# Chronological hypoplasia is :
A. Hypoplasia of local origin
B. Hypoplasia of systemic origin
C. Hypoplasia of hereditary origin
D. None of the above

# Moth eaten appearance of enamel is seen in :
A. Odontodysplasia
B. Amelogenesis Imperfecta
C. Dentin dysplasia
D. Mottled enamel

# Formation of dentin by odontoblasts begin in :
A. Morphogenic stage
B. Organizing stage
C. Desmolytic stage
D. Formative stage

# Which of the following is correct ?
A. Each rod is formed by four ameloblasts
B. Each ameloblast contributes to four different rods
C. Head of the rod is formed by one ameloblast, and tail is formed by three other ameloblasts
D. All of the above
# The striking difference between enamel and other mineralised tissue is :
A. Presence of high percentage of organic matrix
B. Presence of incremental lines
C. Enamel has high reparative capacity
D. Most of the organic component is lost during mineralisation

# Shape of enamel rod is :
A. Key hole or paddle shaped
B. Square
C. Round
D. None of the above

# Enamel is laid down :
A. Mainly by odontoblasts
B. Mainly by ameloblasts
C. Only by odontoblasts
D. Only by ameloblasts

# Ameloblast is :
A. A cell from which tooth enamel is formed
B. A tissue from which tooth erupts
C. A tumour of the jaw
D. responsible to form dentin

# Synthesis of enamel matrix proteins occurs in the :
A. Outer enamel epithelium
B. Ameloblast
C. Stratum intermedium
D. Stratum granulosum