World Oral Health Day - 20th March 2017 - Live Mouth Smart

Poster for Oral Health Awareness : World Oral Health Day 2017 , Designed By: Raman Dhungel, BPKIHS,Dharan, Nepal.
FDI World Dental Federation (Federation Dentaire Internationale), has decided to celebrate 20th March 2017 as the world oral health day with a theme "Live mouth Smart".

The first World Oral Health Day was celebrated on 20th March 2013 by FDI World Dental Federation. Since then, every year , on 20th March it is celebrated across the globe by organising various campaigns and programs to raise Oral health awareness.

The themes for World Oral Health Day till date are:
2013: Healthy Teeth for Healthy Life
2014: Brush for a Healthy Mouth!
2015: Smile For Life!
2016: It all Starts Here. Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body
2017: Live Mouth Smart.

Good oral health leads to good overall health.
Share the message of World Oral Health Day and spread Oral Health Awareness.