CNS, MSK and Special Senses MCQs Part 3

21. Abdominal visceral pain is transmitted by:
A fibers
C fibers
Parasympathetic fibers
sympathetic fibers

22. Chromatolysis is :
Disintegration of nucleus
Disintegration of Golgi apparatus
Disintegration of Nissl granules
Decrease in cell size
23. Aphasia is most likely to be associated with a lesion in:
Broca's area
Sensory area
primary motor area
Visual area

24. Body temperature is maintained by:
Postural position
Covering of the body
Peripheral vasoconstriction
All of the above
25. The term "myopia" refers to :
Constriction of the pupil
Dilation of the pupil
Near sightedness
Far sightedness

26.Which receptor is responsible for monitoring the rate
 of muscle stretch?
Nuclear bag intrafusal fibers
Nuclear chain
Golgi tendon organ
Pacinian corpuscles

27. Neurotransmitter in nigrostrial pathway is:

28. First change to occur after nerve cut is:
Schwann cell mitosis
Axonal sprouting
Myelin sheath degeneration
Nuclear degeneration

29. First change to occur in the distal segment of cut :
Myelin degeneration
Axonal degeneration
Mitosis of schwann cell

30. Which sensation is not lost on the side of lesion in 
Brown Sequard syndrome?:
Vibration sense
Muscle sense


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