Contraindication of Pulpotomy

# Pulpotomies are CONTRAINDICATED on primary molars with which of the following?
A. Radiographic evidence of deep caries approximating the pulp chamber
B. Radiographic evidence of internal resorption
C. Sensitivity to sweets
D. Exposure of the pulp during caries excavation

The correct answer is B. Radiographic evidence of internal resorption.

Root canal therapy is indicated to treat
cases involving internal resorption.

When a carious lesion approximates or
extends into the pulp chamber of a
deciduous tooth, removal of coronal pulp is
performed to prevent the spread of the
infection into the radicular pulp.

Pulpotomies are performed on deciduous
teeth to prevent premature tooth loss and
potential loss of space.

Careful clinical and radiographic
assessment along with the child's medical
and dental history are necessary before
performing a pulpotomy.

Pulpotomy is contraindicated where there is:
- Internal resorption (root canal therapy
- Perforation of pulp chamber floor
- Over 2 root resorption
- Cellulitis
- Localized abscess
- Draining sinus
- Inability to isolate the tooth
- Inability to properly restore tooth after the

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