Elimination of penicillin VK from the body

# Penicillin VK is eliminated in the body..
A. Secreted unchanged into fecal flow
B. Metabolized in liver and secreted into fecal flow
C. Excreted unchanged in urine
D. Metabolized by liver and excreted in urine

The correct answer is D. Metabolized by liver and excreted in urine.

Penicillin VK is an antibiotic metabolized in
the liver to be excreted by the kidneys into

Chemically augmented form of penicillin
that combines acid stability with an
immediate solubility and faster rate of

Highly effective against pneumococci,
staphylococci except for strains producing
penicillinase and streptococci (groups A, C,
G, H, L and M).

Half-life is approximately 30-60 min and
takes about 5 hr to clear the body entirely.

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