Teeth mostly involved in Hypercementosis

# Hypercementosis is the excessive deposition of secondary cementum on the roots. Any tooth may be involved, however, which teeth are most frequently involved?
A. Molars
B. Incisors
C. Premolars
D. Canines

The correct answer is C. Premolars.

Hypercementosis is often confined to the apical half of the root but, in some instances, may involve the entire root. In a large majority of instances, it affects vital teeth, is not associated with any one particular systemic disease, and may be regarded as a dental anomaly.

lt may be seen when a tooth has lost its antagonist or when there is a chronic inflammation of the tooth. The premolars are most frequently involved. Next in frequency are the first and second molars.

Hypercementosis produces no significant clinical signs or symptoms indicative of its
presence. It is seen radiographically as a bulbous enlargement that has surrounding it a
continuous and unbroken periodontal membrane space and a normal lamina dura.

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