Toothbrush trauma usually occurs on:

# Toothbrush trauma (cervical abrasion) usually occurs on:
A. Centrals and laterals
B. Canines and premolars
C. Second and third molar
D. First and second molars

The correct answer is: B. Canines and premolars.

Toothbrush trauma (abrasion) usually occurs on teeth that are the most prominent in the dental arch.

Trauma from toothbrushing may result in the following:
• Recession of the marginal gingiva
• Lacerations of the soft tissues including the attached gingiva and the alveolar mucosa
• V-shaped notches in the cervical areas of teeth
• Gingival clefts: which are narrow grooves that extend from the crest of the gingiva to the attached gingiva

The location of the above alterations is frequently inversely related to the right or left handedness of the patient.

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