Liquid system of glass ionomer restorative material

# The liquid system of glass ionomer restorative material is essentially:
A. Polyalkanoic acid
B. Phosphoric acid
C. Polyacrylic-itaconic acid
D. Hydrochloric acid

The correct answer is C. Polyacrylic-itaconic acid.

Powder/liquid materials
Powder -  Sodium aluminosilicate glass with about 20% CaF and other minor additives
Liquid - Aqueous solution of acrylic acid/itaconic acid copolymer or Aqueous solution of maleic acid polymer or maleic/acrylic copolymer and Tartaric acid in some products to control setting characteristics

Powder/water materials
Powder - Glass (as above) + vacuum-dried polyacid (acrylic, maleic or copolymers)
Liquid - Manufacturers supply a dropper bottle which the operator fills with water or The manufacturer supplies a dilute aqueous solution of tartaric acid

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