Least invasive Dental treatment

# Least invasive technique for treatment of white spots on enamel?
A. Microabrasion
B. Night guard bleaching
C. Vital bleaching
D. Caries infiltrate

The correct answer is D. Caries infiltrate.

- The earliest carious lesion is termed a 'white spot' that can be active or inactive. These can be effectively treated with least invasive technique called 'Caries infiltrate'. The etching is done with HF followed by infiltration of low viscosity/high flow resins. These are mainly used in interproximal areas after removal of orthodontic bands.
- Microabrasion should be considered the first line of treatment for removing intrinsic enamel stains before more aggressive restorative options are considered. It is used for removal of fluorosis , localized hypoplasia, prosthodontic demineralization and white/brown dysmineralization. 

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