Dentin bonding agent

# A dentin bonding agent has both hydrophilic and a hydrophobic end. The hydrophilic end bonds to:
A. Collagen of dentin
B. Calcium of enamel
C. Hydroxyapatite of hard tissues
D. Resinous restorative material

The correct answer is A. Collagen of Dentin.

- Bonding of composite restoration to dentin depends on difunctional bonding agent. 
- The dentin is hydrophilic and composites are hydrophobic. So, the primer used for bonding composites to dentin should have both the properties. 
- Generally, 90% of dentin bonding agents are used for mechanical interlocking.
- Key ingredients in primers of dentin bonding systems is hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate. (HEMA)


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