Serial Extraction

# In the mandibular arch where the canines often erupt before the premolars, ________ technique of serial extraction is followed.
A. Dewel’s
B. Modified Dewel’s
C. Tweed’s
D. Nance’s

The correct answer is: B. Modified Dewel's.

Tweed defines it as “the planned and sequential removal of the primary and permanent teeth to intercept and reduce dental crowding problems”.

The term “serial extraction” was coined by Kjellgren in 1929 and popularized by Nance (1940) who has been called the ‘father of serial extraction'.

Indications of serial extraction:
1. Class I malocclusions with anterior crowding space discrepancy of 10 mm more.
2. Lingual eruption of lateral incisors.
3. Midline shift of mandibular incisors due to displaced lateral incisors.
4. Premature loss of deciduous canine.
5. Abnormal canine root resorption.
6. Severe proclination of mandibular and maxillary interiors with associated crowding.
7. Ectopic eruption.
8. Ankylosis.

1. Mild to moderate crowding (about 8 mm or less)
2. Congenital absence of teeth providing space
3. Class II div 2 and Class III malocclusion
4. Spaced dentition
5. Extensive caries involving permanent first molars which cannot be conserved.
6. Open bite and deep bite
7. Cleft up and palate cases, etc

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