Cuplike resorptive area at the crest of the alveolar bone

# A cuplike resorptive area at the crest of the alveolar bone is a radiographic finding of :
A. Gingivitis
B. Occlusal trauma
C. Early periodontitis
D. Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis

The correct answer is C. Early Periodontitis 

Radiographic Changes in Periodontal Disease:

• Early periodontitis: areas of localized erosion of the alveolar bone crest (blunting of the crest in
anterior regions and a rounding of the junction between the crest and lamina dura in the posterior

• Moderate periodontitis: the destruction of alveolar bone extends beyond early changes in the
alveolar crest and may include buccal or lingual plate resorption, generalized horizontal erosion or
localized vertical defects and possible clinical evidence of tooth mobility.

•Advanced periodontitis: the bone loss is so extensive that the remaining teeth show excessive mobility and drifting and are in jeopardy of being lost. There is usually extensive horizontal bone loss
or extensive bony defects.

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