Enamel bevel on facial side

# Which of the following is the term to describe the enamel bevel placed on the facial side of a class IV preparation?
A. A conventional bevel
B. A retentive bevel
C. An esthetic bevel
D. None of the above

The correct answer is C. An esthetic bevel.

The enamel bevel placed on the facial side
or surface of a class IV preparation is an
esthetic bevel (Infinity bevel).

Esthetic bevels are typically placed at 60 degrees. This bevel is placed to remove or mask thel ine of demarcation between the restorative material and the tooth structure.

If NO bevel is placed, a visible line can be
seen at the restorative-tooth interface
making the restoration unaesthetic for the

Placement of this esthetic bevel also makes the restoration conservative, increases the resin bond strength and decreases the chances of fracture.

Retentive bevels are typically found around
the margins of a class V restoration.


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