Maxillary canine missing FPD

# In a case where maxillary canine is missing and we have to make a tooth-supported FPD, the abutment will be:
a) Central incisor, Lateral incisor and 1st premolar
b) Lateral incisor, 1st premolar 2nd premolar
c) Lateral incisor and 1st premolar
d) It depends upon periodontal status of remaining teeth

The correct answer is A. Central incisor, lateral incisor and first premolar.

Missing maxillary canine or mandibular canine (one tooth) come under complex fixed partial dentures and central incisor, lateral incisor and 1'1 premolar acts as abutments, whereas for other teeth(incisors, premolars and molars) the adjacent teeth in relation to the missing tooth are enough
to act as abutments.

FPD replacing canines can be difficult because the canine often lies outside the inner abutment axis.
An edentulous space created by the loss of a canine and any two contiguous teeth is best restored with a RPD.

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