Contraindicated beneath composite resins as liner or base

# Which of the following is contraindicated beneath composite resins as liner/ base?
A. Calcium hydroxide
B. Zinc oxide-eugenol
C. Glass ionomer
D. None of the above

The correct answer is B. Zinc oxide -eugenol.

The advantages of ZOE cement are that it gives excellent seal, has a sedative effect on prepared sensitive teeth, cost-effectiveness, and ease of removal of cemented temporary restorations. However, these materials have the disadvantage that eugenol hinders the polymerization of resin cements that are used to fix final restorations.

Tooth preparation usually exposes dentin, and hence, luting agents should possess property of being able to bond with the dentin. Eugenol used in cements for fixation of temporary restoration can penetrate into dentin and might affect adhesion of resin cements that are used for fixation of permanent restorations at a later stage. Hence, few authors suggested to use noneugenol cements for fixing interim restorations.


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