Loss of apical seat due to overinstrumentation

# Which method is the best to manage loss of apical seat due to over-instrumentation?
A. Increasing the file size and decreasing the file length
B. Prescribing analgesics and antibiotics
C. Filling with a gutta-percha cone that is larger
D. Using a chelating agent and packing with calcium hydroxide
E. Filling with a warm gutta-percha technique

The correct answer is A. Increasing the file size and decreasing the file length. 

When the apical seat is accidentally
removed, the ability to create a hermetic
seal at the apex is compromised.

In order to avoid this procedural error, a
shorter length of file should be used to
establish a correct working length.

The correction of working length will
eventually help re-establish apical seat, then adequate flaring of the apical portion of the canal can be done with the use of larger sized hand files.


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