Sharpening Dental Hand Instruments

# When sharpening instruments, the ______ of the blade should be placed at an angle ________ to the sharpening stone.
A. Bevel, 90
B. Bevel, 45
C. Working end, 45
D. Working end, 90°

The correct answer is B. Bevel, 45

When sharpening an instrument, the bevel
of the blade is placed at an angle of 45° to
the sharpening stone. This ensures
maximum efficiency of the blade to sharpen the instrument.

Instrument sharpening is an important
aspect of operative dentistry. Dull
instrument are not recommended for
carrying out procedures in the oral cavity.

Dull instruments are prone to produce more heat, are less efficient and can damage tooth structure. It is recommended to  discard those instruments which cannot be sharpened.


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