Contraindication for an all ceramic crown

# Each of the following patient situations is
considered a contraindication for an all-
ceramic crown EXCEPT one. Which one is
A. Extensive wear of tooth structure or restorations
B. Previous history of ceramic crown fractures
C. Amalgam restorations with marginal breakdown
D. Severe bruxism

The correct answer is C. Amalgam restorations with marginal breakdown. 

A history of ceramic crown fractures and extensive wear of opposing tooth structure
or restorations suggests to the clinician
that a heavy occlusal load is present during

People who chew hard foods and brux
severely will place the all-ceramic crown
under strong occlusal forces that may
cause it to fracture or overly wear the
opposing teeth.

Extensive and faulty amalgam restorations
that are displayed or are not placed
esthetically can be better replaced with an
all-ceramic crown.

Amalgam restorations with marginal
leakage and/ or breakdown can be
replaced in the core build-up for the PFM crown.


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