Nerve running along the nasal septum

 # Which of the following nerves runs along the nasal septum?
A. Nasopalatine
B. Greater palatine
C. Pharyngeal
D. Posterolateral nasal

The correct answer is A. Nasopalatine.

Nasopalatine nerve 
-Exits Pterygopalatine fossa through Sphenopalatine foramen which takes it into the nasal cavity.
- Runs anterior-inferiorly along the nasal septum.
- Passes through incisive foramen of maxilla to reach the anterior hard palate.

The nasopalatine nerve supplies the posterior part of the nasal septum.

The anterior ethmoidal nerve, a branch of V1, supplies the anterior part of the nasal septum.

The flexible part of the nasal septum by the nostril opening is supplied by the nasal branch of the infraorbital nerve. 

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