Flabby maxillary anterior ridge

# Which of the following is associated with a flabby maxillary anterior ridge under a complete denture?
A. Retained mandibular anterior teeth
B. A "V" shaped ridge
C. A "U" shaped ridge
D. A patient with Class Il occlusion
E. Osteoporosis 

The correct answer is A. Retained mandibular anterior teeth.

Combination syndrome is a condition that usually occurs when retained mandibular
anterior teeth opposes a maxillary complete denture.

In combination syndrome, the anterior aspect of upper maxillary ridge becomes highly resorbed and flabby due to the biting force against its natural tooth antagonist.

Since the occlusal force of a natural tooth is stronger than the force of a denture supported by an alveolar ridge, the area under pressure will exhibit higher resorption pattern than the rest of the denture.

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