Flexural strength

# The term "flexural strength" describes a material with the ability do which of the following?
A. Be visually detectable in radiographs
B. Sustain deformation without permanent change in
size or shape
C. Resist fracture during bending
D. Resist the propagation of a crack

The correct answer is C. Resist fracture during bending. 

Flexural strength is the ability of a material
to resist fracture while bending and is also
known as modulus of rupture, bend
strength, or fracture strength.

The transverse bending test is most
frequently employed to evaluate the flexural strength of a material using a 3-point flexural test technique.

The flexural strength gives the highest
stress experienced within the material at its
moment of rupture.

The significance of flexural strength is
commonly expressed in class V cervical

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