Use of intensifying screens

# Which of the following is the reason
intensifying screens are used with extraoral
radiographic films?
A. Improve the image quality
B. Increase the exposure time
C. Increase the kVp
D. Decrease the radiation dose of the patient

The correct answer is D. Decrease the radiation dose of the patient.

Intensifying films MUST be used with
extraoral radiographic films in order to
decrease the dose of radiation to the

Radiation is harmful, even in small doses, toi ndividual cells in the body.

Radiation can cause abnormal changes that
leads to cancer.

Intensifying screens when used with x ray
films using emulsions, make them more
sensitive to blue or green light.

The X-ray photons are converted to visible
light photons when they strike the screen.

Lead aprons and thyroid collars are
mandatory preventive armamentarium in dental radiograhy.

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