Kennedy classification is determined by: 2079 Lok sewa aayog

# Kennedy classification is determined by:
(A) the most anterior tooth missing 
(B) the first tooth to be lost  
(C) the largest tooth in the space 
(D) the most posterior tooth missing 

The correct answer is D. the most posterior tooth missing. 

Kennedy classification is determined by the most posterior tooth missing on both sides of the arch. Therefore, the correct option is (D) the most posterior tooth missing.

The Kennedy classification system is used to classify partially edentulous arches (i.e., arches with missing teeth) for the purpose of designing removable partial dentures. The classification is based on the location and extent of the edentulous spaces, and it takes into account the position of the remaining natural teeth and their strategic importance in supporting the prosthesis. The classification has four main categories (Class I, II, III, and IV), each of which is further divided into subcategories based on the specific edentulous spaces present in the arch.

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