Which of the following is not true about beta titanium?

 # Which of the following is not true about beta titanium?
A. Offers less resistance to friction
B. True weldability
C. Biocompatibility
D. High formability

The correct answer is A. Offers less resistance to friction.

- In general, the B-titanium wires have better biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance in the oral environment. The absence of nickel is another important feature and hence can be used in patients with hypersensitivity to nickel. 

- These wires show passivating effect due to the presence of Titanium oxide. Beta-titanium wires can be soldered or welded with ease without losing resiliency. 

- These wires have a high coefficient of friction and are not good for use during retraction mechanics. Hence, their use is restricted to frictionless mechanics like loops and springs. 

- Beta -titanium is a very resilient wire, has high tensile strength, and is easily formable. A continuous arch with T, vertical, helical, and 'L' loops, can be formed in both round wire and rectangular wire.

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