Taurodontism is characterized by:

 # Taurodontism is characterized by:
A. Hypercementosis
B. Elongated wide pulp canals and short roots
C. Obliterated pulp chambers with secondary dentin deposition
D. Rootless teeth with thin shell of enamel

The correct answer is B. Elongated wide pulp canals and short roots.

Taurodontism (Bull Teeth) is due to failure of hertwig's sheath to invaginate at the proper horizontal level. Mostly molars are involved and the body of tooth is enlarged at expense of roots resulting in rectangular teeth. The roots are short and the pulp chambers are extremely large lacking the usual constriction at cervix of tooth. It has been reported that many patients with Klinefelter syndrome exhibit taurodontism but is not constant feauture of this syndrome.

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