Lok sewa Aayog Dental Surgeon Eighth Level Second Paper Question 2079/12/04

 Full Marks: 100                    Time : 3 hours

Subject - Dentistry 

SECTION A               20 Marks

1.  How does hemophilia impact dental treatment and what precautions should be taken by dental surgeon to ensure the safety of patients with hemophilia? Discuss.   4+6=10
2. Classify fibro-osseous lesions. Discuss in detail about Paget's disease of bone.    10

SECTION B      30 Marks

3. A patient comes with the swelling of the left side of face due to carious lower first molar; which space is involved by the infection? Write about the boundaries and treatment of the buccal space infection. Also state on Gow Gates technique.      2+5+3=10
4. Describe briefly various intraoral radiographic techniques. But among them, write in detail about bite wing radiography.      5+5=10
5. Explain in detail on nonvital bleaching with note on the various bleaching agents and its mechanism. 10 

SECTION C             30 Marks

6. Describe oral habits. Elucidate in detail about tongue thrusting habit. 5+5=10
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using glass ionomer as a restorative material in dentistry? And, in what situations is it most commonly used? Elaborate. 4+6=10
8. State pontic in fixed partial dentures. Discuss on the selection of pontics in clinical practice. 10

SECTION D      20 Marks
9. Mention different techniques to whiten discolored tooth. Discuss about walking bleach technique.  2+8=10
10. Suggest different possible public health strategies with justifications to improve oral health of population in rural areas of Nepal.    10


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